The intertwining stories of our cast tell, among other things, the story of a generation in crisis. Desperate to free themselves of the social confines oppressing them, they are caught in a paradox. They all want to make it. But how can they do so within a society that imposes conventions and morality they refuse to subscribe to, and still stay true to themselves? The characters, the filmmaker, and the audience must ask themselves the same question: Why do we seek validity from a society we feel to be unjust?

In the background of the cast’s everyday lives, ARTISTS captures defining moments of our times, from the refugee crisis, to the Pegida marches in Dresden and the rise of support for refugees as well as the far right in Germany, to the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, to the terror attack on Berlin’s Christmas market. Our cast speaks about the effect these events have had on their lives and the role of the artist in society in such turbulent times.

ARTISTS not only immortalizes a moment in time in Berlin, it captures a generation – our generation – in a puzzling state of both self-optimization and increased freedoms alongside perpetual existential crises. A constant paradox we all live and breathe and one that will doubtless remain relevant and poignant for many years to come. ARTISTS gives voice to unique individuals that challenge stereotypes about several different communities. We believe conflicts in the world are too often presented in binary forms, resulting in rigid and closed ways of thinking. ARTISTS will paint a more comprehensive picture of the arts world in Berlin and of the artists trying to transform both themselves and their environment.