Our cast are an ensemble of extremely talented artists in a myriad of fields:

Dominique Rosales has danced with Alvin Ailey II Dance Company, Francesca Harper, and the Lion King, among others, and received grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Lehman Brothers, among others; Gertrude Möller is a famous East German Chanson singer, who has been performing for over 65 years, with over a dozen recorded albums; Martin Lorenz is the lead singer of the award winning a cappella quartet Delta Q; Matteo Tambussi has released seven albums and opened for such bands as Nick Cave, Blonde Redhead, Primal Scream, and Underworld, and had a #1 National Italian Hit in 2011; Gizem Mut is an actor, a young-adult fiction writer, and a fashion entrepenour; Ahmed Soura has received numerous international prizes, while dancing in Africa and Europe, most recently with the Deutsche Opera Ballet; Christopher Williams is an experimental contra-bassist that has received grants from the University of California, the Arts Council of Catalunya, Goethe Institut, and Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, among others; Georgina Philp has danced with Nina Kraviz, Jan Delay, Monroes and Madcon. In 2012 she founded the first German voguing house; Hussi Kutlucan is an ex-punk rocker famous for his role in the German band Soilent Grün, an actor, and an award-winning filmmaker in his own right; Josh Johnson is a member of the prestigious Forsythe Dance Company in Frankfurt; Corey Scott-Gilbert has danced with Alonzo King and Sasha Waltz, and is the recipient of a Princess Grace Award; Martin Waltz is an award winning street photographer based in Berlin. In 2015 he was voted one of the world’s 20 most influential street photographers, to name but a few.